The Hawaii Issue #2

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We travelled to the roots of surfing - where it all began. The Hawaiian vibes speaks for itself as we began our adventure and met with local legends such as Kai Lenny, Arto Saari, The Goodwins, Jamie O'Brien and Christian Hosoi, among other talents.

In Hawaii, you experience more than a lifestyle. You actually experience true connection. Connection as surfers, as neighbors, as brothers and sisters, as Ohana.

This second Issue will make you dream.
From Oahu, to Kauai and on to Maui.
A compilation of the most inspiring stories, available now.


History of Alaïa
Christian Hosoi
Annie Reickert
Keith Teboul
Kai Lenny
The Goodwins
Jamie O'Brien
Alex Florence
Luke Shepardson
Carissa Moore
Lilly Meola
Robby Naish
Akila Aipa
Next Gen, Next Gems
Arto Saari
Honolua Blomfield
The taste of Hawaii (Restaurants and Café's)
The Alaïa Crew


English Version

152 pages

24,4 cm x 34,4 cm

Soft cover



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