The Round Tail Twin Fin - Bordeaux 6'5

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CHF 1,100.00

Why we love it:

The Round Tail Twin is designed to be an all-rounder surfboard and helps you to tear everything. From small waves to double overhead, this board won't let you down. 

This surfboard carries all the fun of a twin fin but enough hold and projection that a thruster or a twin + 1 would give you. You will paddle into the waves  very easily and speed won't be a problem with this magic twin!

- Handmade in Alaïa Bay
- Fin set up : Futures fins, Twin
- Ocean waves sizes : hips high to double overhead
- Alaïa Bay : Malibu to Expert sessions

6'5'' x 20 1/2'' x 2 1/2'' (36L)


Your order needs to be picked up at our shaping facility, we do not deliver surfboards to other locations.


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