How it All Started & Why

As you may (or not) know, Alaïa is the name of the first Hawaiian surfboards. Since surfing is the base for several board sports, it made sense for us to choose this name as a reflection of our passion for this ever-evolving culture.
Alaïa has its roots deep amid the Swiss alps, in the charming city of Sion. Adam Bonvin – our founder – is a local action sports enthusiast, whose dreamed of “unlocking Switzerland” by making it possible to snowboard, skate and surf in one place. All here in Valais, now becoming “The Valley of Waves”.
To give you some context, in 2022 Alaïa features a state-of-the-art wave pool (the well known Alaïa Bay), an indoor and outdoor skate park (Alaïa Chalet), a wake board park (Alaïa Wake Surf), and a rad snow park (Alaïa Parks). Not to mention our catering facilities, oh man - the best food you will find around, brought by Twin Fin Restaurant!

Now, what about The AAA?

We are stoked to introduce it to the community, it has been something we’ve been waiting for a long time! The AAA is functional board sports clothing and gear brand made from alternative and sustainable materials with timeless designs!
Besides boards, waves and ramps - we all need clothes & equipment, right?
That’s our thought behind it! We want to provide functional solutions to our community. For all purposes and with a sustainable approach - that’s an absolute must.
We want to inspire our conscious community to drive change in the industry. We’re aiming to produce in limited quantities, by exclusively sourcing materials in European production sites. This way, we focus on quality rather than quantity and make a case for the slow fashion movement while reducing our carbon footprint.
Additionally, we are bringing out the Alaïa Magazine - an inspiring source of information, by meeting board sports legends and passionates, as well as visiting classic destinations to share the culture and lifestyle.
Ultimately, we want to create a like-minded community and provide it with functional garments, infrastructure and knowledge to keep up the stoke. We’d be hyped to have you on board! Make sure to subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on social media so you don’t miss out about our next steps.