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Article: On Air! Tunes

On Air! Tunes

On Air! Tunes

Surely you have heard the phrase "Show me your playlist and I tell you who you are".
Well, we want to share a bit of who we are. More than that, we want to share what passionate people listen to when they want to feel inspired ! 
Music is universal. It brings people together. 
Every month, we will be presenting a new Spotify playlist, curated by surfers, artists and much more !
Stay tuned for new grooves on our Instagram highlights On Air!
See you out there !


ALT #01 Summer Frequencies

Our first playlist marks the Summer vibes. We have selected the best songs to chill during summery sunsets after that late session.

ALT 01 Summer Frequencies_Spotify Playlist_TheAAA_1

Listen here to the ALT #01 Summer Frequencies playlist !


ALT #02 Kassia Meador

Curated by the longboard Californian legend Kassia Meador.
The Malibu female longboarder shared with us her favourite tunes to vibe with.
Kassia thrives to inspire young women, and we are inspired by her !
She gives a full interview about her journey on the Alaïa Magazine - The California Issue. You can get your issue here.
ALT 02 Kassia Meador_Spotify Playlist_TheAAA_1
Listen here to the ALT #02 Kassia Meador playlist !

ALT #03 Pat Beven

The pro surfer and black belt in BJJ (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu) shared with some classic tunes to put you in the mood !
Pat shares the same stoke when it comes to inspire and guide a community of young surfers on their way to a professional athletes career.
Brazilian by blood but French at heart, he chases waves all-year long !

ALT 03 Pat Beven_Spotify Playlist_TheAAA_1

Listen here to the ALT #03 Pat Beven playlist !


ALT #04 Paco & Valerio 

Followed by their interview for our short series By Any Means (read the full article here), Paco and Valerio showed such great taste in music that we just had to ask them to curate our playlist !
Despite the young age, they vibe to old school rock classics, from The Doors to The Rolling Stones.
Check out their clothing brand Nothend. Screen-printed items at their home basement in Portugal. Show them some support !

ALT 04 Paco and Valerio_Spotify Playlist_TheAAA_1

Listen here to the ALT #04 Paco and Valerio playlist !


ALT #05 Carlos Lopes 

Carlos Lopes is a Portuguese shaper, currently crafting mind-blowing boards at La Factory, Alaïa Bay’s shaping room. He has been in Switzerland for the past 10 years, shaping, surfing and enjoying life.
Carlos is our second interview for our By Any Means new series, as his profile fits perfectly with its nature. A passionate shaper that pursues his passion - no matter what.
Read the full interview here or watch the amazingly done Youtube video.   
Also, don't forget to check out some of his handmade shapes in our Surfboard collection.
Listen here to the ALT #05 Carlos Lopes playlist !


ALT #06 Spring Frequencies 

Spring is here and we want to ride its wave by sharing joyful songs.
Tune in to the new soundtracks for your hikes, sunsets, and hangouts at the park!
Listen to the ALT #06 playlist for a Spring fun vibe!
alaïa alpine alternative_spring spotify playlist
Listen here to the ALT #06 Spring Frequencies playlist !


Stay tuned for the next playlist !

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